Thursday, November 08, 2007

San Jose soccer connection

For any "Negotiator" team members still enjoying soccer... a new forum for finding games, teams, players etc., has been set-up at FC SanJose - San Jose, California soccer connection.

It may become the best local connection and way to get some fun playing time on the pitch. Check it out and see if you can scare up some game.

- Coach Eric

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Game 4 - The "Sizzles" of Saratoga

The Negotiators played game 4 in Saratoga this weekend against the Sizzles of Saratoga.

This was our first "away" game and despite being just a few miles from our practice field, the hidden location at Redwood Upper made it seem remote and exotic. The field itself was excellent: new, well groomed grass with no holes of note. It was a fast field, one that really rewarded ball skill.

Unfortunately between Spring Break, injuries, family commitments and the like, only eight (8) Negotiators were there at game time. The Sizzles had thirteen (13) and gamely lent us two players. It is worth noting that Alex was there at least 45 minutes before game time, ready to play, an example for us all.

Starting out 10 v. 11, the Negotiators were thrown off their game and played defense almost exclusively for the first quarter, the ball allmost entirely on our defensive half of the field. Alick had wanted to get some action in goal, and he got plenty, saving a good number of goals, but unable to stop them all.

A late coming Sizzler was adding to our side to make it 11 v 11, but the Negotiators could not find their attack mentality. Completely baffling their fans, as one point the Negotiators took a kick-off and passed it straight to the Sizzles, on purpose, settling back into defense.

Jefferson made it to the field during the 2nd quarter, and was added into play before the half, making an immediate difference in the team's aggression and attack, and before the half time whistle we had started to threaten them, periodically, on the other half of the field.

The second half started with Jefferson as GK and a couple Sizzlers playing D for us. Given the instruction to take more chances and attack, we had 3 or 4 Negotiators hanging by the half line, but more importantly, we had regained an attack mentality.

The Negotiators penetrated past the half line perhaps ten or more times, losing one opportunity to an offside call. On defense, the Negotiators played tough, with help from a couple of the Sizzlers, in the end only allowing one shot which our keeper could not keep a bead on.

Final score: 0-4

It was a shame to not have a full team, and the positive psychology that goes with that to meet the Sizzles head-on.

However, it must be said that the Sizzles demonstrated, to a player, great touch on the ball, speed, excellent tackling, and very good passing. And of course a good sense of how to attack the open space, move around the ball, and shift and cover on defense. All things that come from practice and a desire to learn to play well.

Thanks to the Sizzle's coach for lending us teammates that surely would have rather played against us the entire game.

Let's win the next one!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Game 3 - Emerald Dragons

"The Negotiators" played their third Spring game on Saturday, sharing a display of well-played soccer with the Emerald Dragons.

This being a Spring break game, "sharing" is the operative word, as The Negotiators did not have enough players to field a team. A 7th "Negotiator" showed up just before game time - technically a game is forfeit if less than 7 players show up.

Mr. Dreyfus, gentleman coach of the Emerald Dragons, offered to loan us two players (rather than give his team a crushing and demoralizing victory against us in a 11 v.s. 7 romp.)

The boys played 9 v.s. 9 and made this coach an instant fan of the fewer player format for Under 12 soccer.

We saw excellent passing and the boys working as a team. A soccer team thinking.


The game was 1:1 at the half and ended up 4:1 at the end.

Three cheers for the noble Emerald Dragons and coach, without whom The Negotiators would never have had a chance to play a great game of soccer.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Here is the game schedule as it is currently posted. Coach is double checking it...

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Game 2 - Wild Cats

"Never underestimate an opponent," the coach muttered to himself all Saturday afternoon. Here Jon -the attacker- has come back to play defense and, with Yishan and Zack, stop a Wild Cats team that was very, very dangerous in the last half.

Final score: 4 to 4.

Negotiators highlights: fantastic goal keeping, very good open space attacks in the first half, and tenaciousness on the pitch.

Keep your chins up!

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Game 1 - Red Raptors

Game 1 - The Negotiators boys did an excellent job tying the Raptors 1:1, and Bryce here shows the tenacity we saw on the field (a fuzzy pic from Coach)

Thursday, March 31, 2005

April 2nd and 3rd - Soccer Kicks Off

Hi parents and players,

Soccer kicks off with a bang this weekend, and the details are coming late, but here is critical information:

(1) Game kick-off on Saturday is at 11:30 AM. The boys need to be there by 11 or 11:15. The game should be at McAuliffe where they practice.

(2) Picture day on Sunday, April 3rd, 9:05 AM at Rainbow Park. Boys should be there 15+ minutes early. I will hand our picture packages to be filled out at practice Wedneday and at the game Saturday (if anyone missed getting a package before then).

Best regards,


Friday, March 25, 2005

Welcome to "The Negotiators" Soccer!

This is the team blog for "The Negotiators", an AYSO boys U12 team in Region 64, circa Spring 2005.

The coach (that's me) will post various notices and information here for easy access, and with a little luck we'll have some game pictures to post as well.

I encourage any and all of the parents and players to particpate in this blog. Please just e-mail the coach (you should know my e-mail address) and I'll give you full posting privileges.

at Gmail
dot com